Music Industry

We understand the nature of the music industry and in particular the stress and strain that can be placed on performance artists during their busy schedule, particularly when on tour.

We have supported many artists during their work and tours in London in regards to their medical care. This includes looking after any chronic conditions as well as a prompt and comprehensive service provision when they are acutely unwell.

Our role extends to being able to see artists prior to performances in their home / hotel, studio or music venue when required.

If further investigation and treatment is needed we have a fantastic network of doctors including highly experienced and prominent ENT consultants for further care. In some cases when an artist is too unwell to perform we aim to communicate efficiently and quickly with the management and insurance companies.

Why choose The GP Clinic London:
-Professional service with extensive medical experience specific to the sector
-Flexibility with the option of seeing patients in our clinic, at their home / hotel, studio or music venue
-Accessibility with a rapid response including quick and convenient appointments
-Extensive network of leading consultants including ENT specialists
-Friendly and comprehensive service