Hotel/Home Visit GP

The GP Clinic London can organise a private doctor to visit you at a hotel, your home or place at work. This means you can get the same high quality service of an experienced GP visiting you at a convenient location of your choice. This service is ideal if you are feeling too unwell to visit the practice.

During a visit we can perform a thorough consultation and prescribe or dispense medication as required. We also have injectable medication (for pain relief and anti-sickness etc) that we can administer when appropriate.

Many investigations can be performed during a home / hotel visit, including blood tests, urine tests and swabs. Furthermore, we can refer you for imaging investigations such as Xrays, Ultrasounds and MRIs.

We have close working relationships with expert consultants across a full range of specialities and connections with London’s best private hospitals. So whether you are in need of a further specialist consultation or a hospital admission, it can all be arranged smoothly during your visit.

Please note we do not carry, administer or prescribe controlled drugs.

Home & Hotel visits are not available for online booking, please call us to arrange a visit.

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