Second Opinion

Whether you’re feeling unwell, need management of a long term condition or just need some health advice or a second opinion we are here to help.

Sometimes we all value a second opinion. As doctors, we discuss cases with colleagues to gather a broader range of expertise on a particular condition. This type of approach and working together in a team means our patients get the very best possible care.

In a similar way if you feel you need a second opinion on a medical condition or any symptoms you are experiencing the GP Clinic London can help.

We ensure our consultations have flexibility so you can choose your consultation length, this way we have adequate time to discuss your concerns and evaluate all the relevant information. It’s important that the consultations are not rushed.

We can perform investigations in house – such as blood tests, xrays and ultrasound scans, with many results being available on the day. We can also refer you for MRI scans, CT scans and for a specialist opinion with some of the world’s leading consultants.


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