Advanced diagnostics

The following specialised tests are available to enhance any of our health screening packages

Biological Ageing Test  
Looks at your DNA structures to assess biological age and how well one is ageing – this can then be compared to your actual age. This test also indicates susceptibility to certain age related diseases.
It is best repeated on annual basis to monitor how lifestyle is having an impact i.e accelerating or delaying the ageing process. ageing process.

Genetic Predisposition Test
A one off screen which calculates your risk of developing certain conditions such as cancers, heart disease, alzheimer’s, diabetes. 34 different diseases are tested.

Hereditary Cancer Test
This test looks for mutations in 98 genes associated with 25 hereditary cancers – including prostate, colon, gastric, ovarian and breast cancer. It is a more detailed look at cancers compared to that available in the genetic predisposition test.

Genetic Nutrition and Fitness Test
A one off tests which looks at genetic ability to lose weight, genetic risk of developing certain vitamin deficiencies, genetic response to exercise (cardio and weight training), your genetic ability to metabolise fat, protein and carbohydrates. This test can help guide your diet and exercise regime for optimum results.

Pharmacogenomic Test
For truly personalised medicine – this test looks at how effective certain medications are for you and which are more likely to give you side effects. It effectively takes out some of the guesswork involved in prescribing medication. It looks at many different classes of medication including psychiatric (anti-depressants), cardiovascular (cholesterol, blood pressure), endocrine (diabetes), neurological, and pain medication.

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