Bespoke Health Screening

An entirely bespoke package is available which includes the Essential Health Screen package and any of the following tests. Your doctor can guide you as to which tests would be recommended dependent on your lifestyle, personal risk factors, medical history, examination findings and family history.

A bespoke package gives you a tailored health screen which is evidence based and highly personalised to you as an individual. The additional tests include:

Abdominal Aortic Doppler Scan £200

Abdominal Ultrasound Scan £325

Abdominal & Pelvis Ultrasound £395 or £425 (transvaginal)

Carotid Doppler Scan £425

CT Chest (low Dose) £800

CT Colonography £1600

CT Coronary Calcium Scan £450

DEXA Scan £270

Echocardiogram £550

Mammogram £220

MRI Colonography £1600

Ovarian Cancer Blood test (Ca125 / HE4) £225

Pelvis Ultrasound Scan £350

Prostate MRI £940

Smear Test £99

Thyroid Ultrasound Scan £250

Please contact us for further information.