Prostate Cancer

Attitudes towards prostate cancer have certainly changed amongst medical professionals in the past few years. Due to aggressive forms which can metastasize there has been more proactive approach towards diagnosis and management.

The main risk factors are:
• Age
• Family history
• Ethnicity (more prevalent in the Afro-Caribbean population)

Screening remains a controversial issue. A blood test called PSA (Prostate specific antigen) can be raised in patients with prostate cancer – but it is neither specific or sensitive enough to be used as a screening test.

Consequently, the test may offer false reassurance or result in unnecessary investigations such as a prostate biopsy – which is an invasive test that can result in complications such as infection and bleeding.

We recommend combining a PSA blood test with a detailed multiparametric prostate MRI using the latest state of the art 3T MRI scanners. A normal MRI scan can then avoid an unnecessary biopsy and furthermore any biopsies that are planned can be targeted to specific lesions.

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