Gonorrhoea accounts for a significant number of sexually transmitted infections every year. Risk factors include having a new sexual partner or multiple partners, not using barrier contraception (condoms), anal intercourse and oral sex.

In addition to affecting the genital tract, gonorrhoea can affect the rectal and oropharyngeal tract.

The infection is men is usually symptomatic, causing penile discharge and pain when passing urine. In females however approximately half of patients with the infection do not have symptoms. In the others symptoms can include pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, pain on passing urine and heavy periods / bleeding between periods.

The treatment is most effective with a single dose of an antibiotic injection in combination with an oral antibiotic. All patients should have a repeat test after treatment to ensure clearance.

Untreated gonorrhoea may lead to complications such as testicular infection and prostatitis in men. In females it may cause pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic pain and infertility.

Testing for gonorrhoea may be done by either a swab or urine sample. Any patient testing positive should also be screened for other sexually transmitted infections as they can often co-exist. We can offer high quality accurate testing with same day results.

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