Rabies is a fatal viral infection that is found in many countries worldwide. It is transferred to humans by the saliva of infected animals – through a bite or scratch.

It is carried by mammals including dogs, primates and bats.

Symptoms can develop several months or even years after a bite, they include fever, headache and malaise. This can progress to confusion, anxiety, hallucinations and muscle weakness.

Virtually all cases are fatal once symptoms develop.

Avoiding contact with animals in high risk areas is important to minimise the risk of contracting rabies.

There is also a vaccine available which required 3 doses to be administered over 3 – 4 weeks.

In the event of a bite (regardless of whether you have been vaccinated) clean the wound promptly with soap and water for several minutes and use a disinfectant. Seek medical review urgently.

Further treatment will be offered depending on your vaccination status. Unvaccinated patients will require rabies immunoglobulins (this can be difficult to obtain in certain countries / locations) and 5 doses of rabies vaccinations. Those that have completed a full vaccination course will require 2 further doses of rabies vaccine.

Key Points:
• 3 doses required over 3-4 weeks
• Cost of Rabies vaccine £65 per dose

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