This bacterial infection is a rare but potentially fatal and is present throughout the world. It can enter the body through breaks in the skin caused by cuts, burns or bites.

A deep wound containing dirt or soil increases the risk of contracting tetanus.

Muscle spasms, pain and fever are some of the common symptoms that can occur.

Tetanus vaccination is part of the routine immunisation schedule in the UK. Doses are given at 2,3 and 4 months old. This is followed by a preschool booster at 3 years old and then another aged 14. Further booster doses may be recommended if you have not had one in the past 10 years.

It is advisable to seek medical review if you get injured and receive a deep or potentially contaminated wound.

Key points:
• At least 2 weeks before travel
• Combination vaccine also protects against diphtheria and polio
• Booster is required after 10 years
• Cost of booster £35

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