Staff & Employee Health

We work with employees from many different Industries including law, property, banking, finance, health, Oil and Gas Industry, film & TV, and music.

A significant proportion of our work involves pre-employment checks and regular annual health screening. Our health checks and screening packages can be completely bespoke to the specific industry and company involved so we can offer a flexible and tailored service.

The importance of employee health screening cannot be understated as ensuring they are in optimal health helps to improve productivity and reduce any time off work for sickness.

In addition, we are also experienced in assessing employees if they have had time off work due to stress, physical illness or mental health illness. Our assessments are detailed and comprehensive and we work closely with the employee and company management to ensure an optimum and healthy outcome for all involved.

Why choose The GP Clinic London:
-Professional service with occupational health experience
-Ability to tailor health screening and check-ups to a company’s requirements
-Flexibility with the option of seeing patients in our clinic, at their home or place of work
-Accessibility with a rapid response including quick and convenient appointments
-Prompt completion of medical reports
-Friendly, sensitive and comprehensive approach