COVID-19 Antibody Testing – An Update and Pitfalls

Covid19antibody testing has been a much talked about topic recently. Broadly speaking there are instant-result home testing and laboratory tests - both use different methods. Regarding point of care / home testing most manufacturers report >95% accuracy, however there was hesitation to them being widely rolled out. This comes down to 2 main reasons; False...Read more →

COVID 19 Adapting Practice and Remote Monitoring

The last few months have brought significant changes to the healthcare landscape across all sectors. In primary care there has been an overnight change in practice with almost exclusive reliance on telehealth and remote consultations via video or phone. Pulse Oximetry in the fight against COVID-19 is proving vital. These relatively simple medical devices provide...Read more →

Workplace Support in the COVID-19 era – Back to Work Strategies

Just as we have a core value to treat individual patients in a personalised and bespoke manner, we have exactly the same ethosmanaging our corporate clients.  Up until now our main work with small to medium sized businesses was looking after executives as part of our Concierge Clinic membership, providing both acute and chronic medical...Read more →

Covid19 Testing Overview

Testing is important but many are falsely reassured after a negative test. An area of concern is that individuals are being tested without clinical input and an explanation of the relevant test and limitations. Here's a summary of the 2 main tests available: PCR tests - throat / nose swab that test for presence of...Read more →

General Health & COVID-19

In a world where there seems to be heightened anxiety and panic, we must focus on what we can control. There is emerging information regarding risk factors - some non-modifiable such as age, ethnicity and male gender. However, in terms of modifiable risk factors, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and lung disease infer an increased...Read more →